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Up to 2,000 emails /month

This is about 2,500 orders /month


On average, customers with this plan recover $1,500 - $3,000 in lost revenue every month


Up to 10,000 emails /month

This is about 12,000 orders /month


On average, customers with this plan recover $10,000 - $15,000 in lost revenue every month


Over 10,000 emails /month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is pricing based on sent emails?

Every time Recapture sends an email to a customer, that is an opportunity for another sale! We only get paid when we are generating more sales for your store. The more emails we send out, the more it costs us to support your account.

What happens if I exceed the monthly email send limit?

We simply stop sending out emails until your usage resets at the beginning of your next billing period. We'll notify you if this happens, and you will easily be able to upgrade to a higher plan if you wish to continue sending emails for the remainder of the period.

What is Email Auto-Capture?

Recapture can automatically detect when a user is typing an email address on your site. As soon as they finish typing the email address, we send it off to our servers. The customer does not have to submit any forms for this to happen. This ensures that our application will work with any checkout extension.

How long does it take to set everything up?

We worked really hard to make our setup as quick and painless as possible. In order to get access to our free analytics, all you have to do is install our extension. It literally takes less than 5 minutes. Want to start sending emails out? All new accounts come with pre-built campaigns with best practices already built in. All you have to do is turn them on.

How do I know Recapture is reliable?

Our team has been building scalable e-commerce solutions for the past 15 years. The entire Recapture application is built on Amazon AWS using Node.js and a MongoDB backend. Our service isn’t just reliable, it scales automatically as your business grows. So you never have to worry about slowdowns or crashes, unlike other installed extensions that rely on your server's ability to send emails. Recapture will be the fastest part of your ecommerce family.

Why is Recapture only for Magento?

It's not! We're now available on Shopify too, as of April 2018. We're still on Magento, of course.

Does Recapture work with One Step Checkout?

Yes! Our Email Auto-Capture will work with any checkout process.

Is it easy to cancel to my subscription?

Almost too easy. There's a big button on the Manage Subscription page that lets you cancel your account immediately. We're confident you won't need to use it though.

Who is Recapture?

We have over 15 years of experience building and running successful e-commerce websites.

Recapture started as an internal tool that we built for all our Magento sites. We needed to send abandoned cart emails that didn't suck, and we didn't want to use a self-hosted solution and gum up our Magento installation.

We couldn't find a well-built, cost-effective service out there, so we built it ourselves. It works so incredibly well for us that we decided to share it with anyone who wants it.

Dave Rodenbaugh

Owner, Lead Developer, Head of Customer Support

John Webber

Cereal Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Advisor

(yeah, we meant cereal)

David Webber

Co-Founder, Advisor